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If you have ever wished for an easier way to wash and clean your dog, Sandy Paws Dog Wash is the place for you. We provide a fully contained self service dog bathing station that allows you to wash and dry your dog in as little as ten minutes. Best of all, you can get this all for just $10.00, including shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryer.

The first step is to bring your dog into the fenced-in self service canine bathing area and secure the gate behind you. When you are ready to begin, you will need to place your dog into the washbasin and secure your dog’s leash to the nearby hook. This will keep your dog in place throughout the washing process. You will receive the first 10 minutes for $10.00. Typically this is more than enough time, but you may add additional money if necessary.

The dial on the wash station offer several different settings. We recommend that our self service canine groomers start with the shampoo or the flea shampoo setting. Once you have shampooed your dog thoroughly, use the rinse cycle to remove all the soap and suds. You can now apply conditioner, which helps to moisturize your dog’s fur for a healthier coat.

Now you can blow-dry your dog’s hair to get rid of that wet dog odor. Our system offers both a high and low blow dry setting for you to use. Once you are done with this process, we ask that your remove your dog from the tub and use the disinfectant setting to sanitize the tub for other self service dog groomers.

Never again will you have to deal with that wet dog hair odor in your home, when you come to Sandy Paws Dog Wash.

Give our self serve dog grooming in Huntington Beach, CA a try today, and decide for yourself if this is easier than washing your dog at home.

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